Many of our videos have shown the broad range of ways that users may perform their daily safety task. Site Specific Hazard Awareness Training is an important measure to ensure all visitors are aware of potential hazards they could face, as well as how the job site they are visiting operates. This video demonstrates how the the Hatch Safety App can be utilized to perform any type of Site Specific Hazard Awareness Training on and iPad.

One of the major advantages of using Hatch Safety for Site Specific Training is that it allows the company to quickly retrieve training data for any visitor on the property. Our searchable database will allow the trainers to find anyone who has visited their site and taken the training. This is valuable for referencing data and audits.

In this video, you will discover how simple it is to set up a training article with the Site Specific Training information, have a visitor view and sign off on the training, as well as having a competent person confirm the training all on an iPad or mobile device. The custom report demonstrates the ease of searching and retrieving data for any visitors.

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