Using our Safety system to perform your JSA makes each basic step of the process quicker to identify potential hazards and recommend safer ways to do the job. This video demonstrates how the Hatch Safety System can be utilized to perform the daily JSA process.

The major advantages of using Hatch for your JSA process include real time availability of the forms and findings, allows safety personnel to recognize and immediately share company wide hazards, communication between field workers and supervisors is enhanced, accident prevention is raised, safety and health awareness is increased, and the standardization of the process creates more acceptance.

In this JSA video, the day’s task is specified with the Drop Down Menu, allowing the user to break down his job quicker. The user easily selects the job types he is performing, avoiding unnecessary steps. This helps focus the user’s attention on potential hazards that are true to his task for that day. Determining preventive measures is made simple by allowing the user to not become overwhelmed with excessive questions.

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