Mobile Safety Software Benefits

Increased Workforce Acceptance

Requiring Audits and Inspections on an employee-friendly platform, a mobile device, helps build greater acceptance of the A/I process. Greater acceptance creates an environment where safety and compliance exist as critical functions. A user-friendly platform removes the chore of complicated compliance, encourages acceptance, which leads to workplace safety, the primary concern.

Standardized A/I Process

Nurturing a safe environment is not just the Safety Department’s responsibility, it requires the entire workforce. Standardizing the safety process engages all employees on the same accountability structure. Because the Administration database stores all A/I data, our platform detects and flags overlooked A/Is. A clearly defined, standardized process gives employees a unified approach to safety, which allows for a consistent routine and lowers the barrier of entry. The standardization feature simplifies A/I process from start to finish.

Increased Safety Awareness

Most companies conduct business unaware that the work environment is unsafe, until an incident occurs. Often, unchecked unilateral comprehension regarding workplace safety procedures leads to false assumptions that can yield deadly and costly consequences.

Our safety management system improves awareness and creates accountability.

When employees are aware of the hazards they face, and the reason why the A/I process is so important, the feeling of accomplishment comes from completion of the task. Having everyone on the same page when it comes to safety, helps to combined safety and operational fluidness.

Creates a Safer Environment

Paper based systems cannot keep up with the changing environments. Having real time data is a benefit to faster response time. Paper process can sometimes take hours, to weeks, to months to address an issue. Real time data eliminates the risk of workplace incidents due to slow processes. Once an issue is discovered, it can be addressed immediately. This helps to…

  • Lower the injury occurrence rate
  • Justify overall cost of safety operations
  • Decrease untimely equipment/machine downtime
  • Improve equipment overall effectiveness

Research shows a decrease in citations in companies who perform A/I’s on time and an increase for companies who do not.